What to Expect on a Sunday Morning

Courtenay Baptist Church is a multi-generational, multi-ethnic group of people coming from various economic and educational backgrounds and stages of life, whether married, single, of any age, with or without families.

We have two gatherings each Sunday morning; one at 9:15 am and the other at 11 am.  As you enter the building, someone will be ready to greet you and answer any questions that you may have about our church or the Sunday morning meeting. There are bathrooms located in the hallway to the left, on the same floor as the auditorium. If you have mobility concerns, there is an elevator located on the entrance level to bring you to the second floor to the auditorium.

Outside the auditorium, there is a ‘Kids’ Quest’ Check-In table to register your child for the children’s program that runs during the 9:15 gathering. Program leaders are available to answer any questions you may have.  Children start in the auditorium and are dismissed to go downstairs after the first few songs. Kids’ Quest leaders will be waiting at the back of the auditorium to take the children to their classes.  Children will remain downstairs in their classes until you are free to collect them.

There is a staffed nursery for children ages: birth to pre-school on this floor where your child will be cared for while you attend the gathering. The children’s programs are available only at the 9:15 gathering.   More about Kids’ Quest and nursery

 Both gatherings have the same message but differ in the style of music used.  The first gathering has a more contemporary style and sound. The second gathering has the traditional sound of hymns, piano, and organ. 

At 10:30 am, between the two gatherings, we offer coffee and tea downstairs.