Women's Bible Study


Women’s Bible Studies

Women’s Bible Studies provide an opportunity for women to build relationships, and to be encouraged and challenged in their journey of faith. These sessions typically include prayer, teaching and discussion, as well as times to visit, celebrate together, and hear each other’s stories. The groups  are inter generational, and open to women who are single or married, Christian or seekers of God, from Courtenay Baptist or elsewhere.

  • Tuesday mornings at 9:30 am (stopping for the summer)
    •  GIFT (Growing in Faith Together)
      Studying the Bible builds a foundation for our faith to grow upon.
    • Our Motto: Gods word is not just for our information, it’s for our transformation!
    • We are truly blessed with the teaching/leading in our group as we work toward the goal of listening, discussing and praying. You are welcome to join us, we are currently in the Book of Samuel, come enjoy the study, the fellowship, the prayer and of course coffee and tea!
    • For more information on Women’s Bible Studies contact the church office.